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audatex canada
Audatex Canada
Audatex Canada leads the market in providing Property & Casualty claims data solutions to the Canadian auto insurance and collision repair industry. Audatex Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Solera Holdings, Inc., the leading global claims data provider.

SAP was founded in 1972 and is the recognized leader in providing collaborative e-business solutions for all types of industries and for every major market. SAP is the world's largest inter-enterprise software company, and the world's third largest independent software supplier overall.

xactly corporation

Xactly Corporation
Xactly Corporation delivers on-demand sales compensation applications that enable companies to incent right and sell more. Xactly enables companies to easily and affordably design, implement, manage, audit and communicate sales compensation programs.

wave crest holdings

Wave Crest Holdings Limited
Wave Crest Holdings Limited is a prepaid card program management firm located in the European Financial center of Gibraltar. We provide a variety of prepaid card program services including design, management, and processing and cardholder support services. Although based in Europe, we provide services worldwide to select corporate and government clients. We also operate a wholly owned subsidiary in the Isle of Man (Wave Crest Card Services Limited) which provides card distribution, marketing and program management services.


Lead5 Media
Lead5 Media delivers highly qualified consumers with their LIVE Leads & Sales Process and connect them at the RIGHT time.

wells fargo bank

Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo Bank is an American multinational diversified financial services company with operations around the world. Wells Fargo is the fourth largest bank in the US by assets and the second largest bank by market capitalization.


Zoho provides a wide, integrated portfolio of rich online applications for businesses. With more than 25 + different applications spanning Collaboration , Business and Productivity applications, Zoho helps businesses and organizations get work done.

kredit fly

Kredit Fly
Kredit Fly is a fast, secure, and fun way to use your mobile phone to purchase online, while earning Reward Points!

streetline, inc.

Streetline, Inc.
Streetline delivers simple, cost-effective solutions for building and sustaining Smart Cities. They believe in the power of innovation and information to transform our cities into communicative, efficient systems, and they are committed to actualizing the game-changing possibilities that Smart Cities present from a reduced environmental footprint to better deployment of resources.

xetus mortgage corp

Xetus Mortgage Corp.
Xetus provides powerful, easy-to-use software that streamlines mortgage loan processing.


1 FIRST is an established international group, which sells insurance products, savings and credit to the private consumer.


WebKeys allows you to store all your login credentials (User names and passwords) in a secure location on you iPhone or laptop computer. Once your credentials are stored you can use them to automatically login to favorite sites with one tap.

hyperstrike, inc.

HyperStrike, Inc.
HyperStrike is the leader in Online Fitness, Nutrition & Training. Founded in 2006 HyperStrike is a privately held company with headquarters in San Jose California.

avance technology ltd.

Avance Technology Ltd
Hong Kong based Avance Technology Ltd. is founded on the vision of providing the next generation trading software that is fault tolerant and scalable to support large number of concurrent users. Their state of the art technology enables to sustain high availability and scalability while at the same time provide a user interface that is friendly and platform independent.

intouch corp.

InTouch Corp.
In today's price conscious insurance market, the importance of policy reviews has never been greater. InTouch provides a successful, consistent, and cost-effective service to schedule these vital reviews with your customers. Your customers will receive a warm invitation from your professional InTouch Contact Manager to review their insurance needs with you. You will have the opportunity to strengthen the Agent-customer relationship and realize the benefits of a personal review with your customers.

stalworth, inc

Stalworth, Inc
Stalworth is a pioneer and global leader in new category of software specifically designed to solve data quality issues and other information challenges.

compugain, inc.

Compugain, Inc.
Compugain is a trusted partner for information-intensive applications and solutions development. Compugain's mission is to provide timely, diverse and qualified services to meet customer needs and exceed expectations. CompuGain strives to deliver innovative and effective solutions to add value to the business of clients, enabling them to achieve high performance.

proquest alison

ProQuest Alison
ProQuest Alison provides a unique combination of automotive industry expertise and leading-edge technology. By deploying their Web-based Portal Services and integrated information management applications, automotive manufacturers and their dealers access critical decision-support information that helps them maximise their profitability and minimise their risk exposure in highly competitive environments.

search force, inc

SearchForce, Inc
SearchForce OnePlace provides SEO's, SEM's, agencies and high end advertisers with a set of comprehensive tools to help automate bidding, and track the performance of paid and free listings — all from one interface.

project playlist

ProjectPlaylist.com is an information location tool similar to Google® and Yahoo!® but devoted entirely to the world of music. Their purpose is to help finding and enjoying music legally throughout the web in the same way that other search engines help finding webpages, images, and other media, but they also add a social/community twist. They make it easy to create playlists, share playlists with friends, and browse playlists of others..


Convenos is a new venture dedicated to delivering online collaboration tools that are simple and convenient, cost-effective, and continue to advance the web-based collaboration and conferencing industries.

covigna, inc

Covigna, Inc
Covigna is a pioneer in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) automation, providing software and services that power contract management processes with large enterprises. (Covigna was acquired by ProQuest Alison in Year-2005)

versai technologies, inc

Versai Technologies, Inc
Versai Technologies, Inc. is a software infrastructure technology company based in Silicon Valley, California. Company provides innovative technical solutions that are simple, powerful and new way to create web-based business applications that can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere!

ball-in-air, inc

BallInAir, Inc
BallInAir, Inc is an innovative infrastructural technology company based in SanFrancisco and deals with a specific vertical where the details will be provided soon (because of stealth-mode).

trend micro, inc

Trend Micro , Inc
Trend Micro Incorporated is a global leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services.

canterbury financial group

Canterbury Financial Group Canterbury Financial Group is an independently owned, fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor listed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

kanisa, inc

Kanisa, Inc
Kanisa is a leading provider of knowledge-empowered customer service applications that automate the problem resolution process across all channels. By driving the optimal service resolution process and delivering intuitive customer-facing search, Kanisa improves productivity and increases customer satisfaction.

mega models miami

Mega Models has been a major player in the fashion industry since it first opened in Brazil in 1995. Over the subsequent years, Mega grew into the largest, most successful agency in Brazil, and became known for finding some of the most in-demand models in the world.


NetSkool offers online tutoring to students by giving them access to carefully screened Experts educated at top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, and Penn.

aim computer consulting

AIM Computer Consulting
Aim Computer Consulting is a global consulting and IT services company that offers a wide array of solutions for a range of key verticals and horizontals.

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