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BluePal is a software service provider for various product development companies. Established in the year 2002, BluePal has got a team of IT professionals experienced in various industries both horizontal as well as vertical business areas. BluePal has got excellent knowledge and experience in product development, implementation and maintenance of IT enabled services for different sized companies.

BluePal has different business prepositions to work with its customers so that customer choose a model, as it desires. Besides, BluePal works with its customers in Offshore, On-site and outsourcing delivery models to earn its customers maximum ROI.

Management Team
Raju Manthena
Founder & CEO
Raju Manthena started BluePal with his passion of providing best software services and solutions. Raju worked for around 25 years in the industry. In his past experience, Raju worked for several industry leading companies including SAP, Xactly Corporation, SearchForce, i2-Technologies, Covigna, WebVan, Remedy (BMC Company), Kernex Microsystems and some leading silicon valley firms. BluePal benefits a lot from his future directions, unique way of execution methodologies, marketing processes and management styles. His priority for making the customer happy has played an important role in making the company success.

Raju has Masters in Computer Science.

Ananta Varma Manthena
Chairman, Managing Director & Co-Founder
Varma has over 27 years of extensive experience in management and marketing strategies. He has distinguished background in marketing, business management and public relations. BluePal benefits a lot from his unique way of Execution Methodologies, Marketing Processes and Management Styles. Prior to BluePal, Varma executed his own business initiatives, worked as head of marketing and business organizations. Varma also served as Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Government of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Varma has Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelors in Commerce.

Chiranjeevi Penmetsa
Vice President - Research & Development (Engineering)
Chiranjeevi brings over 20 years of extensive experience as an Administrator to BluePal. He is responsible for planning and managing R&D division of engineering department. He carries with him great business management skills and personnel management. Previously Chiranjeevi was holding several positions as Vice President, Director and leading R&D team activities at Softalia. He also executed his own business initiatives and helped in building personnel management skills.

Chiranjeevi has Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelors in Commerce.

Krishna Manthena
Director - Engineering , Chief Architect
Krishna brings over 22 years of extensive industry experience to BluePal. As a Director of Engineering department, he is responsible for planning and delivering solutions and professional service activities. With his distinguished technical expertise, he also acts as chief designer and architect for the BluePal community and contributes to the company's technical direction. Previously Krishna was holding several positions as Director, Technical & Project Manager and leading different development activities at industry leading companies. He was also a specialist in making the development process more efficient by defining standards and developing tools to optimize these processes.

Krishna has Masters in Computers and Bachelors in Computers and Mathematics.

MSN Raju
Director - Strategy, Chief Advisor
MSN Raju brings over 35 years of extensive experience as a business administrative and strategist to BluePal. His distinguished experience as Director of Business Development at Union Bank of India helps BluePal in strategic directions. His vast knowledge and outstanding experience in Finance, Banking and Accounting sectors helps BluePal in better positioning in those domains and also in financial planning aspects.

Mr. Raju has Masters in Banking and Finance Accounting Management.

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