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BluePal's R&D (Research & Development) department is working on different products that enable it's users to add more value to their core competence. BluePal also makes the business processes more efficient and effective with it's exceptional solutions.

Likelets is an online collaboration tool to mark text and share web site content among people who you think might be interested in it. This is a lightweight toolbar which is rendered upon any site that you need to mark. The marked sites can be posted to social networking sites or sent as invitations to view the page via mail. It even provides a facility to receive reviews from people who viewed the marked sites.


DesignPal enables its users to design, create, share and collaborate for their web works. This includes, but not limited to product prototyping, web-site creation, application mockups, feedback on designs, and collaborative development of design works in an enterprise or a group.


BannerPal enables its users to design and create high-quality banners with least possible effort. The fact that it was made into a RIA (Rich Internet Application) done in Flex adds to it value. You will have at your disposal, a wide variety of tools, which makes it all easier to exercise your imagination and create banners of your choice.


ProjectPal provides on-demand online system that enables businesses create & manage any number of projects, tasks in each project, setup ownerships, and track progress of overall execution. It also provides resource management and utilization graph integrated into project management.


IdeaPal allows the corporate clients and net users to share challenges and post ideas against challenges. It also allows the users to post comments, vote for idea selection, reviews and approval process for finalizing the idea and finally accept rewards.


LessonPal is an online system that brings a total community aspect to all the parties involved in any educational organization. It brings students, teachers, parents, and corporate people together to share and collaborate while building a perfect learning place.


Trackplus is a GPS based tracking tool to track vehicles such as school buses, cars, etc. This tool also provides a unique feature of Geo-Fencing where you can limit the vehicle/person to a particular geographical area, and alerts can be set to be notified if it has been crossed the geo-boundaries. TrackPlus provides a real-time tracking mechanism which can be leveraged for extensive benefits and uses in a wide range of sectors.


OfficeBuddy is an office automation tool which can contribute a lot to an organization in terms of efficiency and cost. This sleek tool with very pleasant look can be used to send status updates, assignment of tasks to various associates, timesheet management, etc. This in effect greatly reduces the time and complexity involved in verbal/written communiques which need taking care of from time-to-time.


SeekPal is an web-based career building tool wherein you can meet different people of your respective industry and get back in touch with some old friends that you might have lost contact with. With SeekPal, you can search for jobs, share your professional profile. With its advanced search capabilities and extensive coverage, it is a formidable tool to have for people starting as well as in their mid-careers as well.


For more details on products, please contact us at contact@bluepal.com.

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